2018 season

The first  boot sale of 2018 will be on Sunday, March 1st at 8 am.  In the Ceredigion area, everyone knows everyone else and it will be a good opportunity to meet people that we know.

In August of 2018, it will be 35 years since we started the boot sales.  (The fact that there have been quite a number of other Boot Sales that have come and gone speaks volumes about the Pennant Boot Sales)

Some of you have stayed with us since we began in 1983 and have said "Can you remember when there was only a few of us?" Over 1000 sales and a few more wrinkles later, the "Sunday treat" is still alive and kicking.

In today's economic situation, Car Boot Sales seem to be a real way of getting value for money and although it sounds like a cliche, it's becoming more and more a way of recycling and conserving resources.

If you are short of cash, it's opportunity to sell some unwanted items or pick up a bargain.

Happy carbooting......................