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Selling at Pennant Car Boot Sale

Everything you need to know if you want to sell at Pennant Car Boot


Standard Pitch £7

This size pitch includes cars, small vans up to 1000kg approx. 

White Van

Large Pitch £10

For larger vans and car & trailer.

Booking: No need to book in advance. Simply turn up on the day and pay at the gate.

Charities: From time to time, we are asked to provide a free pitch for Charities. We are happy to provide one pitch per event for registered charities. We may ask for your documentation giving your charity registration number and status. We strongly advise you arrange this prior to the event to avoid disappointment.

Rubbish / Waste: We do not have facilities for the disposal of rubbish or unwanted items, you must take these away with you. Any large items left behind is classed as 'fly tipping' and will be reported to the local authority.

Hints & Tips

If you're new to boot sales and aren't sure what you might need then here is a quick list of some useful items, although not all are essential:

  • Small Table - something like a pasting table is handy to display smaller items up off the floor

  • A waterproof sheet such as a ground sheet or tarpaulin. This is useful for placing on the ground underneath your items, or as a cover if you encounter a rain shower. Please remember that we get heavy dew on the grass in spring and autumn months.

  • Labels - It is important to price some items to give the buyers some idea what sort of prices you are charging for your items and will encourage them to ask prices of items which may not be labelled. Be careful though, too higher price will put people off, too cheap and you may need a large stick to beat off the buyers!

  • Change - Be sure to bring plenty of change with you - organisers will not be able to provide change.

  • If you are using a gazebo or tent, we would advise you try erecting it at home first rather than fight with it in front of a crowd. If the weather forecast is windy, then be sure to bring weights or pegs to hold it down.

Finally, from experience and speaking to our customers, it's not always the hot sunny holidays which are the most lucrative. Sometimes, less sellers means less competition and if there is nobody else there selling children’s items for example, you are likely to do better on a quiet day than a busier day with several selling children’s items.

We would recommend trying more than one weekend. Don't be put off or disheartened if you have a bad day, come back and try again. As stated above, there is lots to factor in, weather, competition, buyers and trying a second time (maybe reducing your prices very slightly) can (sometimes) make a big difference.

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